How to Use a Slow Cooker

A slow cooker is a truly helpful cooking device for people who lead a busy life. If you have plenty to do and are just looking to prepare a big batch of appetizing stew or soup, then nothing can prove to be a better choice than a slow cooker. This versatile cooking appliance will help you save time and get your food ready quickly. Regardless of the kind of slow cooker you use and own, the nitty-gritty of their operation remains the same.

Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Clear the Clutter from Kitchen Counter

You can easily walk away and let your slow cooker perform its job, but make sure to take a few precautionary measures first. The sides of most slow cookers produce some amount of heat, so it is better to place the cooker a few inches away from other appliances, cabinets, or walls in order to make sure the heat can dissipate properly. Arrange the slow cooker such that its bottom is safely placed on any counter. You can even place the cooking unit on a reliable cooling rack if you want.

Step 2: Get the Recipe Ready

A majority of slow cooker recipes need only basic preparation. For instance, you may have to trim meat or cut vegetables before putting everything into the slow cooker. Make sure there is not much fat on meat. Trim excess fat off, otherwise you might find oil pools in your stew.

If you have enough time, consider searing the vegetables and browning the meat as it will make your dish even tastier.

Step 3: Add the Ingredients in Slow Cooker

This is one of the most critical steps of using a slow cooker. Since this cooking appliance has a tightly sealed cover, the liquid won’t be able to evaporate. If your recipe needs liquid, it must come nearly halfway up ingredients. As a matter of fact, it should simply cover the vegetables and meat. Avoid overfilling your slow cooker as it can begin spilling out the top. This may even have a bad impact on your food’s taste.

Step 4: Cover the Slow Cooker

The cover should fit perfectly over the slow cooker. There shouldn’t be any gaps, otherwise steam will escape. Slow cookers work by raising and maintaining your food’s temperature. If the cover doesn’t fit snugly, the slow cooker might not work efficiently.

Step 5: Choose the Cooking Temperature and Time

Most slow cookers offer different temperature and time settings to help you make your desired dishes the way you want. They usually feature varied temperature settings, such as high, medium, and low. Choose the right setting according to your recipe and set the cooking time. While the lower temperature settings heat food gently and thoroughly, the higher temperature settings heat it more speedily.

Step 6: Let the Slow Cooker Work

Leave the slow cooker alone. With this functional device, you don’t have to keep a check on the contents. Serve and enjoy your dish once the cooking time is complete.